How To Tell if Your AC Needs Service

Air Conditioning

If you’re driving around Broken Arrow and Bartlesville in comfort, it’s likely because of your air conditioning. If you’ve got issues with your AC service, like if it smells or isn’t coming out at all, Acura air conditioning is something we specialize in. We’ve got a quality service team that’s ready to help you get back on the road in record time. This is what we’ll answer:

  • How does air conditioning work?
  • Does air conditioning in the car use gas?
  • Why does the air conditioning in my car smell?
  • Does coolant affect air conditioning in the car?

After that, schedule service with us to get your car’s air conditioning service taken care of.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

With the use of coolant, air is chilled and sent throughout the cabin. The air conditioning takes advantage of the serpentine belt, alternator, radiator, and other parts to keep you cool. The air is compressed, chilled, and temporarily liquefied before flowing from your car’s vents.

Does Air Conditioning in the Car Use Gas?

Since the alternator is essential to keeping your AC running, and since your alternator is powered by the engine, that means that you use gas when the AC is on.

Why Does the Air Conditioning in My Car Smell?

If something smells when you turn your AC on, it likely means that your AC system is dirty and clogged. When water doesn’t exit your Acura air conditioning properly, dirt and debris will pile up and cause offensive odors.

Does Coolant Affect Air Conditioning in My Car?

Coolant is essential to your Acura air conditioning, meaning if your coolant isn’t at its best, your AC likely isn’t right either. If you’ve got an issue with your coolant, the Post Oak Acura service people will help you out.

Get AC Service in Tulsa

If you’re ready to roll through Oklahoma City but there’s a problem with your AC, there’s a place to get that fixed. Post Oak Acura is ready to help you make the right choice and get back on the road. Contact our service team today and we’ll help you get back to your busy life.


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